Zombie Strippers!

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Zombie Strippers!

Postby Steve on Fri Feb 27, 2009 7:47 pm

I was called into work about 30 minutes after this movie started, so I was unable to watch it in its entirety. On a side note, that is the first time I've ever been glad to go back to work after hours.

The Good:

The Bad:
This movie was a porno as far as I care, and as such cannot in good conscience be considered a Reel Bad Movie. There was no plot, no acting, no special effects, and no attempt at artistic expression (whatever that means) that I could determine. It had Jenna Jameson and boobs everywhere. In small quantities, that's not necessarily a bad thing, but I'm talking about a 15 minute scene here that didn't add anything to the nonexistent plot. That's how they were selling it, and that's the only reason somebody who isn't on the Bad Movie Squad would watch it. If that's not pornography, I don't know what is.

Rating: N/A
I'm sorry, but the MPAA could not dignify this movie with a rating and neither can I.
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